Caribbean Stud Poker—Claim Your Jackpot Today!

Caribbean Stud Poker is among the most popular digital poker games, and keeps drawing attention from poker players across the globe. The main reason for playing Caribbean Stud Poker online is the immense progressive jackpot. Additionally, it is a very easy game to learn, and you can get started anywhere. It is popular in offline casinos; most venues in Las Vegas and other casino-focused towns have several Caribbean Stud Poker machines lined up. Mostly though, it is played online.


We live in the twenty-firstcentury, and the availability of casino games has never been broader. Nowadays you can download an app to your smart phone or tablet and start playing Caribbean Stud Poker in minutes. Every online casino has it among its selection of games, and by using the lucrative bonuses they offer, you could start a new career as poker player right after finishing this article!


Easy to Play, Easy to Win


Caribbean Stud Poker is easy to learn, especially if you have played other poker games before. As long as you know the different combinations of poker hands and how they are ranked, you should have no problems diving into Caribbean Stud Poker and learning the tiny variations from the classic poker as you go.


Since this is a virtual game where you play against the house and no other players, you have all the time in the world to think your moves through. Caribbean Stud Poker is similar to the classic five-card poker you probably have seen in movies. You get five cards and your goal is to beat the dealer. Your cards should be good from start otherwise it is better to fold as soon as possible. There is no way to change cards in Caribbean Stud Poker, making this more a game of luck than other poker games. However, the progressive jackpot that Caribbean Stud Poker has online makes it worth a try when you have a few spare minutes.


Go for the Jackpot


To play for the jackpot, you have to up your ante a bit. A small side bet, usually 1 dollar, is needed to play for the jackpot. It is absolutely worth it, as Caribbean Stud Poker often boasts a progressive jackpot of more than 150,000 dollars.


The biggest jackpot ever was paid out just before New Year’s Eve 2014 to a lucky girl named Melissa, who cashed in more than 700,000 dollars from Caribbean Stud Poker at the gambling portal, Betsson. To harvest the jackpot, she hit the Royal Flush, a seemingly rare hand in poker. Actually, it does happen quite regularly, as it is all about statistics. Sooner or later, somebody gets the five cards needed and the jackpot will change their life.


A couple of weeks ago, a lucky player at the same virtual poker game on Casino Euro won almost 100,000 dollars. The Royal Flush is not impossible to hit, you just need to fold a lot of bad hands first.




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