Norse Gods Can Make You Rich – Really Rich, if You Enter the Hall of Gods!


There are several hundred slot machines in the world, and if you have an account at one of the popular online casinos, you probably tried out a few of them already. Most people tend to pick a few themes they like and stick to the slots that offer them. However, if you are in it not just for the fun and entertainment, but also for the money, our best advice would be to try out the slots with progressive jackpots. Most of these are available on any online casino, and as long as you use the brilliant opportunities that bonuses and other promotions give you, there is no telling how much money you could win. Among the most popular slots with progressive jackpots is Hall of Gods, an amazing Norse-themed game with huge prizes.


The best thing about the Norse Gods depicted in this popular online slot, is that they can turn you into a multimillionaire in the matter of a few seconds. Yes, the Hall of Gods slot is among the best paying slots out there with an average jackpot of more than 5,000,000 dollars! The best part is that it is being paid out regularly. Usually, there is not more than a few months between each time Hall of Gods creates another millionaire.


NetEnt Rules the Jackpot Kingdom


NetEnt, or Net Entertainment as the game developer was called until recently, has created several slots with progressive jackpots. Hall of Gods is just one of them, but it has taken much of the credit for their ever-rising popularity. Hall of Gods is a mix of beauty, animations, modern technology, ancient beliefs, and ridiculously large payouts. The latest jackpot was won just a few months ago, and reached almost 2,000,000 dollars. It was won in Norway, where an anonymous winner probably started praying to his old Gods again after winning the incredible amount.


It seems that Scandinavians in general are very lucky with this slot, as they have won it several times over the past year. It might also have something to do with the theme – it is Tor and Odin you will see on the screen, after all. Just five months ago, a Swedish player cashed in one of the largest jackpots Hall of Gods has ever paid out; the unbelievable sum of almost 8,000,000 dollars was cashed out. This, of course, made the headlines across the globe, and the popularity surrounding Hall of Gods grew even further.


No Place for Randomness


Some slots with progressive jackpots pay out their huge chunks of money at random. This means you simply have to spin the wheels and hope for the jackpot to suddenly show up. Hall of Gods is a different story. Here, you need to start the bonus game using three distinctive symbols, and from there go on to capturing the jackpot. The largest jackpot ever won through Hall of Gods was an amazing 7.8 million euros, well above the 8 million dollar mark we mentioned previously.



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